Why Build a Climber?

Cats are natural climbers who need height to survey their surroundings, stalk prey, and avoid becoming prey themselves. Being up high gives them a sense of comfort and security.

This website has detailed information about how to train your cats to stop scratching the couch.

Building a climber not only fulfills their need for safety, it provides them (and you) with endless entertainment. In multi-cat households, it appeases aggression by opening new territory. Vertical space to inhabit and the opportunity to use their claws are two of the most basic needs a cat owner can seek to fulfill.

Cats love scratching and you probably have evidence of this fact all around your house. It is an essential part of being a feline and not something they do to get back at us for going to work. Cats scratch to remove the dead husks from their claws, mark territory, stretch their muscles, and look buff in all those photos you post of them on social media. It’s a natural behavior that can be redirected to appropriate locations around your home.

Our tutorial describes a simple design that can be built with handheld tools. The Up The Wall Cat Climberâ„¢ opens previously inaccessible spaces for cats and keeps your floor space clear.