About the Authors

Mamacita, Bonita and Bunny are experts with power tools; they always wear safety goggles.

Together, they created Cats Without Jobs, where unemployment enthusiasts converge to celebrate claws.

To find out more information about claws, visit the Paw Project's website.

They want to show the world how cats and humans can coexist stress-free, with do-it-yourself tutorials that are so easy a dog could figure it out.

It's time to get started on their most important project yet, the Up The Wall Climber™.


“Before the Up The Wall Climber™, I used to have a surplus of energy such that it almost cost me my home. I tried running up and down the hallway at night but it wasn’t enough. I purchased every gadget on the market only to find that they were either too flimsy (I’m a big-boned cat) or simply useless. This changed my life, and my roommates have had the best sleep since I moved in.”

—Fonita from Brazil

“I've always wanted toned arms but couch pull-ups and curtain toes-to-chin just never did it for me (I also have a penchant for eating butter which makes it twice as hard). You really need that full range of motion to see results but I live in a rural area and there are no CrossFit gyms near me. The Up The Wall Climber™ helped me get the body I always knew I could have.”

—Bamacita from North Dakota

“I am a model and an Instagram Influencer. Commercially available climbers looked abominable in my photos no matter what filter I put on them. I built myself one of your Up The Wall Climber™ and it’s so instagramable, I doubled my followers! Finally an item that is almost as photogenic as me. #grateful”

—Bonny from Portland